Sites worth checking out – adding as we go (as we can be arsed). Recommendations welcome!


@ Lancaster University
…three months in DC
– travel diary blog, 2011
Draftwork – 2013 blog for research rambles, discontinued until further notice

UK Political Blogs & Zines

Jacobin – sometimes good
Penny Red – Laurie Penny’s blog
Lenin’s Tomb – a favourite for thoughtful political commentary
New Left Project – if you’re looking for reading matter
Political Scrapbook – muckraking

Thoughtful Blogs

The Charnel-House – pretentious and fascinating in equal measure
Pedagogy & the Inhumanties – Matt Charles on Walter Benjamin

UK Political Groups

Left Unity – small, reformist, nostalgic
The People’s Assembly – windy, union dominated
Plan C – upstart, radical, youthful, non-dogmatic; a bit thin on the ground


Marxists Internet Archive
Marx to Mao – some useful texts here, e.g. Althusser
Situationist International Online – la lutte continue!

Art, Culture, Architecture, &c.

Fuck Yeah Brutalism – fascinating Tumblr of mostly 60s photos
Mimeo Mimeo – great blog and journal about mimeo press and small press poetry
The NewBridge Project – artist-led studios, exhibition space, magazine
Side Gallery – Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
Site Gallery – Sheffield, UK
Small Talk with the Local Wildlife – Liam Witter’s artist blog, sehr gut!



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