Our Line on Ukraine (April 2014)

A response to: Sunny Hundal, Why Ukraine is past the point of no return with Russia, and we have to get involved (April 15, 2014), Liberal Conspiracy (blog).

Sunny, you’re well off the mark here.

Why should we start demanding our capitalist states mobilise troops to defend another capitalist nation state – one with an openly fascist government, that is a puppet of the Troika and the US? How would that benefit anyone?

Moreover, as even the UK media recognise, this is not a ‘straightforward’ situation of Russia using undercover troops to invade Ukraine. There is popular support for the autonomy of Eastern Ukraine. And part of this is about the crisis of authority of the Kiev government.

Is it the role of the UK Left to call for the repression of dissent in Ukraine and the shoring up – by force – of a capitalist government that includes fascists? No. Clearly it is not. Could this be successful, anyway? No, probably not.

What should the left-wing line be, then? From here in the UK it is hard to really grasp the complex play of forces in the Ukraine. But, we do understand – to some degree – the UK state’s role in global, imperialist capitalism. And we should fight our own battles first – that is, chiefly, our struggle against the neoliberal austerity project. So:

* No to Troika restructuring of the Ukraine.
* No to the UK/EU supporting an openly fascist government.
* No to the UK supporting military intervention in Ukraine.

That is our line.

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